What is the Scheme?

Cashback for Communities is a Scottish Government initiative that uses funds recovered from criminal activity to support positive activities for young people. The Scheme is aimed at units and youth groups that predominantly work with young people aged between 10 and 19 years.

What will it fund?

The funding possibilities are wide ranging, and include:

  • Up to £1,000 – start up costs of a unit or youth group, particularly in areas of deprivation or need.
  • Up to £2,000 – supporting existing local groups to meet the costs (or part of the costs) of a particular project or programme of activity.

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Who can apply?

Applicants should ensure that they meet these criteria:

  • Led and managed by volunteers
  • Have members which include young people aged 10 or over,
  • Based in Scotland
  • A member of one of the six partnership organisations listed above.

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